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29 Nov

Be The Best Host

A friendly host makes sure that guests feel welcomed and have an enjoyable stay. Hosting depend on the guest and the situation. Perhaps you are hosting an overnight guest, or maybe you’re arranging a tourist guest in your property. If it’s your close friend or family member, you can be a bit easier than hosting a tourist guest. 

No matter the guest or the circumstances, there are a few steps that you can practice to help your guests feel at home.

Invite the guests

Getting good guests may enable you to be a better host. Choosing the best guest requires good communication with the guest. Before inviting the guest or accepting the guest request to stay your property, know each other. Express your feeling how excited you are to invite your guest. Don’t be a miser to greet the guest properly. 

Be welcoming

Most of the time your mood covers how much you are welcoming. To give them a positive vibe, share the right direction of your place and the process to come in your property. Once your guests arrive, open the door and show them where to put their stuff. Share your house rules, don’t expect them to follow you if you don’t state anything.

Maintain Specify a time

It is very important to know when to expect your guests. Make sure to give them advance notification – at least a week. Set the time when you are available to receive the guest. If it is a guest house or hotel for short term then share the check-in and check-out time.

Clean house

Before your guests appear, tidy up the place to convey that you care. If they arrive in a disordered household, it shows you do not care for your surroundings, and it may make them feel less welcome in your property. 

Take guest preferences into account

When you decide to invite the guest, know what is the like and dislike about food and place. Treat them how they want to stay and serve their choice. Always consider your guests’ food concerns. Contact them beforehand and ask if they have any food specifications. 

Be engaged with guests in conversation

Talk about things that they love to talk about. Ask questions about their job, their journeys, their families. Show interest in what your guest has to tell you. Build on the conversation and let it flow longer.

And finally, there are two kinds of guest: those that have come to visit with you, and those that need a house to stay for a short period of time. All guests expect to stay in such an environment where they can feel safe and secure. A super host doest not compromise to ensure a better place to stay for the guests.

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